"Fishing is hard, dirty and dangerous."
"Today women pursue careers in medicine or architecture or law, but they don’t even know what’s available on the water."
"I hope more women will come into the industry, but they have to be the right kind of women. Women with confidence."

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By Vickie Jensen
ISBN: 1-55054-436-5
Salt Water Women at Work
Format: 184 Pages; 50 Black & White Photographs
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List Price: $14.95 USD/CDN + tax

SALTWATER WOMEN AT WORK chronicles the stories of 110 women mariners who work on a variety of vessels—tugboats, charter yachts, fishboats, ice breakers, water taxis, ferries and deep sea freighters.

The stories these women tell are gripping, dramatic, courageous, salty and often humorous. They discuss a variety of issues and concerns with frankness: finding that first job, dealing with harassment of all kinds, getting certification, commanding a crew, financing boats, or maintaining a marriage. While there is no stereotypic woman mariner, these women all agree that working on the water has marked their lives and they are richer for it.

For those already in the maritime trades, SALTWATER WOMEN will provide support, inspiration and often a good laugh. For young people, this book is full of significant female role models who know the adventure of an uncommon life.