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Westcoast Words specializes in carefully-researched books that provide an insider’s look at how things are done—from building underwater robots to carving totem poles.

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By Harry Bohm, and Vickie Jensen
This amazing book introduces the excitement and technology of underwater exploration. It presents clear, well-illustrated projects—from underwater robots (ROVs) and gliders to diving bells and model habitats. All are constructed using inexpensive materials available at local hardware, hobby and electronics stores or via the internet.
Build Your Own Underwater Robot and Other Wet Projects
Over 20,000 Copies Sold!
ISBN: 978-0-9681610-0-5
List Price: $20.00 USD/CDN + tax

I work as a Senior ROV Pilot for a Norwegian company and have been in the industry 7 years. But prior to that, my background was largely working onshore as a technician on automated production lines. So when I moved to offshore work, I found it a big, daunting change. I had never been offshore before and the ROV world was intimidating with many diverse areas of competence demanded. My positive attitude and ability to work in teams in a friendly, cooperative manner helped but I was no ROV "guru".

So I decided it might be an idea to research and build my own very basic ROV to understand the underlying principles, boost my confidence, get my 7 year old son involved and, of course, have lots of fun in the process. I purchased Build Your Own Underwater Robot by Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen and began work on Fahr-1 ("fahr" means pride in Urdu), an adapted version based on the 3-thruster SeaPerch. It's been as much fun looking for and testing parts as using the end product will be. I have attached a photo of the frame as it stands now.

Then the more comprehensive Underwater Robotics - Science, Design & Fabrication caught my eye and I purchased that as well. The book is an absolute treasure for me. I can easily find all the basics I need all in one handy, well written and presented, lively and easily understood book. I'd like to commend everyone involved in producing an absolutely fantastic guide and work of reference for everyone working in or contemplating working in the ROV industry.

If I can be so enthusiastic about it then I'm sure the younger guys and students will be doubly so.

Good luck and keep up the great work!
- Abdul with IKM Subsea AS

UNDERWATER ROBOTICS: Science, Design & Fabrication

By Dr. Steven W. Moore, Harry Bohm, and Vickie Jensen
This wonderful book introduces students, educators, and other aspiring inventors to subsea technology. This exciting resource provides the information needed to design and build underwater vehicles. It also encourages bright young minds to consider a career in the world of underwater robotics.
Underwater Robotics: Science, Design & Fabrication
Publisher: Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center
ISBN: 978-0-9841737-0-9
List Price: $113.00 USD/CDN + tax
It's finally back in stock! This is the newly-updated UNDERWATER ROBOTICS textbook. There's a modest $5 price increase and the $120 total price now includes 3-day shipping via USPS Priority within Canada and the USA.
Please note that for foreign orders the book would be $113 + foreign postage costs. Contact Westcoast Words at info@westcoastwords.com for a shipping quote.

DEEP, DARK & DANGEROUS: The Story of British Columbia’s World-class Undersea Tech Industry

By Vickie Jensen

DEEP, DARK & DANGEROUS is the Story of British Columbia’s World-class Undersea Technology Industry. This saga details the intrepid risk-takers as well as their exploits and inventions. All shaped BC’s remarkable subsea reputation and continue to maintain it. Strangely, very few know this fascinating chapter of Canadian history. Jensen also includes stories of young AUV, ROV and submersible pilots and “Getting into the Biz” advice from those who know.

DEEP, DARK & DANGEROUS will be available from Harbour Publishing in the fall of 2021. In the meantime, check out the website: www.deepdarkanddangerous.ca.


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