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Vickie Jensen juggles a number of careers, including writing, teaching, lecturing, editing and photography. She also handles publication and distribution of select titles through her Vancouver-based company Westcoast Words. She feels that reading and writing books have encouraged her love of adventure—she and her anthropologist husband Jay Powell have bicycled across Canada, taught on cruise ships and spent decades working with native peoples of the Northwest Coast. Vickie’s non-fiction books and articles reflect her fascination with people and the work they do, whether they’re carving totem poles, working at sea or designing underwater robots.


Dr. Jay Powell has lived a life of adventure that has involved work in archaeology, linguistics, translation, university teaching, and cultural revitalization. Over a period of 40 years, he collaborated with Vickie Jensen in the research and writing of more than 40 books on the Native languages and cultures of the American Northwest Coast. Jay taught anthropology at the University of British Columbia for three decades and now serves as a consultant for a number of Native groups in Washington state and British Columbia. He and Vickie live in Vancouver, Canada, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Vickie Jensen and Jay Powell

Vickie Jensen and Jay Powell have written:

  • QUILEUTE: An Introduction to the Indians of LaPush
  • Over 40 Native language and culture school books for these languages and groups:
    • Quileute, Musqueam (Hun’qum?i?num?)
    • Eastern and Western Gitksan (Gitxzanimx)
    • Shuswap, Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwak’wala)
    • Nuuchahnulth (T’aat’aaqsapa) and Haisla

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The MATE Textbook Team

The MATE Textbook Team
Co-authors Dr. Steven W. Moore, Vickie Jensen and Harry Bohm with MATE textbook project coordinator Jill Zande

DR. STEVEN W. MOORE, co-author

Steve is passionate about his family, marine life, robotic gadgets, and education. By age twelve he was building underwater camera housings to photograph reef fish and designing electronic burglar alarms to keep siblings out of a top-secret laboratory in his bedroom closet. A few years later he completed a zoology degree at the University of California (UC) Davis, then went on to complete a Ph.D. in bioengi­neering from UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. He is presently a full-time, gadget-building zoologist and professor at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), where he teaches courses in marine biology, physics, nature photography, and electronics/robotics.

HARRY BOHM, co-author

Harry credits the early TV program “Sea Hunt” for sparking his career, which has included stints as an Outward Bound instructor, salvage diver, towboat captain, marine technical consultant, and explorer. During his tenure as project manager of Simon Fraser University’s Underwater Research Lab, he conceived of using “hardware store” technology to fabricate inexpensive working models of experimental AUVs. Collaboration with Vickie Jensen resulted in an underwater projects book that included the SeaPerch ROV in wide use in many science classes and clubs across the United States. Harry is currently researching novel energy/propulsion systems and photographing village life in India and Thailand.

JILL ZANDE, textbook project coordinator

Jill spent her childhood summers exploring the creek behind her home in northwestern Pennsylvania. Between that and the local swimming pool, her parents had a hard time keeping her out of the water. She discovered first hand the world of underwater vehicles during her Master’s research when she traveled to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in a submersible. Build Your Own Underwater Robot showed her how these technologies could excite students about learning, so when it came to developing the MATE’s ROV competition program (and serving as the textbook project coordinator), she dove in. To her amazement and delight, the competition has grown into a network of events that are held around the world and inspire thousands of students and teachers to get wet each year.